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The Art Of Movement – Swimming

Flexiseq wants to inspire people to get moving because the body, which can do seemingly impossible things, is never something to be taken for granted. The Art Of Movement series is a collection of photo essays about people who thrive upon using their joints, bodies and movement to do the things they love.

At the start of the year Renay Richardson couldn’t swim. Renay was one of the one in five adults in the UK unable to swim. But thanks to Swim London‘s programme she is now a confident swimmer who has just taken part in an open-water swimming event. 

For me exercise is about overcoming a challenge. I like to push myself beyond what I thought I could do.
Everyone involved were all first time open-water swimmers. Most of us couldn’t swim before, others were weak swimmers who did it to feel more confident in the water.
Having got an appetite for it I want to carry on for a long time. Probably not open-water swimming but in a pool. The thing I discovered about swimming was I was good at it. It made me angry that I hadn’t tried it before.
Being part of a group adds an extra sense of motivation. You support each other, you don’t judge yourself by what they’re achieving because everyone starts from a different place. Little tips you figure out about technique and breathing you pass on to your classmates. You help each other.
The instructors were amazing. They’re in the water with you, not on the side. So they can demonstrate and see exactly what you’re supposed to do. They were integral to our development and the programme.

A lot of pro Olympic swimmers won’t do open-water swimming. It was just another challenge to train us up and achieve another goal.

You can follow Renay on Instagram and Twitter.

Find out more about Swim London at their Website and on Twitter

Photos by Craig Gibson. You can follow Craig on Twitter, Instagram andTumblr