Testimonial Tuesday: Osteoarthritis - Flexiseq (Ireland)
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Testimonial Tuesday: Osteoarthritis

From collarbones to sore feet and back aches, today’s testimonials include a variety of arthritic problem areas in which Flexiseq has given a helping hand for a fresh start in life.

Jodie Horan

“I have to say I’m very impressed with Flexiseq. I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked and the relief I got from it. I have arthritis in a lot of my joints and the pain is very severe. Flexiseq has been brilliant! It’s a new lease of life and a light at the end of the tunnel for me and my family.”

Mark Taylor-Bryant

“It’s not that it helps the pain go away, Flexiseq actually stops the pain occurring – it’s incredibly effective and has had a measurable impact on my quality of life.”

Sandra Furlong

“I use it on my collarbone and I really think it helps. I’ve had my collarbone scanned and I have arthritis in my collarbone. The gel, Flexiseq, gave me relief and it definitely made a difference. Now that I know it works I’m going to use it on my knees too.”

D. H. Burchett

“I have moderate to severe arthritis in most of my joints and have to use a wheelchair, but due to intolerance of certain drugs am unable to take any of the normal medication, including pain killers, that are prescribed for the condition. I ordered Flexiseq after reading reviews and doing my own research. When it arrived I experimented by putting it only on my right knee for two days to compare any differences. To my great surprise it has had an effect so now use it on both knees. It has reduced the grinding and the pain levels have dropped significantly. I have tried it on other joints and come to the conclusion that on me the worse the joint deterioration the better it works.”

Carol Doyle Dempsey

“It’s magic. At first I thought it was a placebo effect but it’s definitely not; if I forget to put it on at night my foot is sore again in the morning and I hobble all day. If I put it on, I’m fine… so it really works! My mother uses it as well — she’s got arthritis — and she thinks it’s amazing. Within about three or four days it was working for her”

Audrey Jarrott

“It took just a couple of applications to see a big difference in the pain in my lower back. I would recommend this cream to anyone. My back still aches but I can get out of bed and out of a chair and stand up straight, where as before this was impossible. Hopefully it will get even better as I continue to use the cream.”