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FLEXISEQ contains powerful Sequessome Technology®, a drug-free, sustainable approach to joint pain and stiffness, clinically proven to treat osteoarthritis as effectively as a prescription painkiller*

Pain & Arthritis: The Unmet Need

  • For chronic joint pain and arthritis sufferers, there are few effective treatments that can be used safely for long periods.
  • Drug therapies such as ibuprofen and diclofenac carry numerous safety warnings and are recommended to be used for the shortest time possible and in the smallest doses due to the various side-effects they are known to cause. They can also interact with medications or exacerbate underlying conditions pain sufferers may have.

FLEXISEQ: The Solution

FLEXISEQ uses Sequessome Technology to deliver key lubricating ingredients to joints to provide targeted relief from pain and joint stiffness. This drug-free, physical action means that FLEXISEQ products are clinically proven for osteoarthritis sufferers and have the following key benefits:
  • Relieves pain and joint stiffness
  • Improves mobility and physical function
  • Avoids side-effects of commonly used painkillers
  • Safe to use long-term and alongside medications, including painkillers
  • Can be used by patients who have co-morbidities exacerbated by or contraindicated against painkillers
  • Come in mild and max strength formulations to suit the needs of all joint pain and arthritis sufferers

* 100mg celecoxib 2x daily for 12 weeks. Conaghan P et al. Rheumatology 2013 Jul;52(7):1303-12.

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