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How SEQ Tech® Works

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FlexiSEQ and FlexiSEQ Max Strength helps to relieve pain and improve joint mobility thanks to billions of miscroscopic plant-based, oily droplets called Sequessomes™.

We call our unique lubricating mode of action SEQ Tech® and it's a revolutionary way of addressing the symptoms of osteoarthritis.


Microscopic droplets called Sequessome™ vesicles have the optimal characteristics for the lubrication of joint cartilage – size, compressibility and hydration.

Journey to the joint

Activated when our gel dries on the skin, the tiny, flexible droplets pass through the skin and into target joints, where they localise on cartilage surfaces to form a lubricating layer.

Sequessomes™ effectively supplement the important lubricating layer of phospholipids otherwise found on healthy cartilage and restock the levels floating around in the synovial fluid.

Lubricating action

Rather than simply masking the pain like a typical pain killers, FlexiSEQ's lubricating mode of action targets the underlying characteristics of osteoarthritis, thereby reducing the causes of pain, inflammation and joint stiffness.

No drugs, no heating or cooling, FlexiSEQ's SEQ Tech® is one-of-a-kind treatment for joint pain and stiffness.

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