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Kate Lawson’s Cooking Essentials

Kate Lawson knows that suffering from any form of arthritis can make even the most simple of tasks hard work. But knowing how to cope with her arthritis is what drove Kate to create her brilliant blog Cooking With Arthur. Discovering how to make life in the kitchen that little bit easier can put the fun back into cooking so Kate gave us her Top Ten Cooking Essentials.

1. A silicon spatular. They’re lightweight and they get right into the corner of bowls. And you can throw them in the dishwasher.
2. A dishwasher. It’s a massive one.

3. Lightweight silicon bakeware.
4. Look for things that make chopping easier. Some people like a food processor but I find them hard to use. I like a mandolin.

5. I don’t go anywhere without my stick blender because it mixes, it whisks and it beats for me. I love it.
6. There’s a great company called Peta UK Limited. They’re not the animal activist company, they make knives, chopping boards and things for people with arthritis and other disabilities.

7. Non-stick sheets for the oven so I don’t have to clear it out.

8. Anything with double handles is good.
9. A milk frother. It’s great for beating eggs or mixing sauces or dressing up. You can use them in hot things as well which helps.

10. A thermo pen so you can check if things are cooked without them out of the oven.

You can follow Kate on Twitter and find out about Cooking with ArthurHERE.