Seq Technology - Flexiseq (Ireland)
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Seq Technology

Seq Technology is the revolutionary driving-force powering FLEXISEQ

Using Seq Technology, Flexiseq delivers key ingredients to where they need to go. Here’s how.

Every tube of Flexiseq is packed with microscopic spheres called Sequessome® vesicles. These vesicles have the optimal characteristics for the lubrication of joint cartilage – softness, compressibility and stability.

Journey to the Joint

After Flexiseq is applied to the skin, the water-based gel begins to dry which triggers the activity of Sequessome vesicles.

The vesicles love to be surrounded by water and as the water in the surrounding gel evaporates, they seek out the next closest source of water – below the skin. The super-flexibility of the micro-spheres allows them to squeeze easily between skin cells and travel gently along the natural spaces found between them.

A layer of Flexiseq gel contains many millions of vesicles and this great volume entering the skin drives those already inside even deeper, until they reach the joint where they populate the watery environment of the synovial fluid.

Inside the joint capsule, the vesicles accumulate on the cartilage surfaces creating a lubricating layer.

Seq Technology therefore helps to replenish the depleted lubricants otherwise found in healthy joints, resulting in proven pain relief and reduction of joint stiffness.

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