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Irene Goddard - A Walking Testimonial To Flexiseq

At the age of 70 Irene Goddard was struggling to do very much such was the pain in her knees.

A visit to a specialist did not offer much hope on the horizon. But a chance read of an article about a rugby player changed all that. 7 years later, she’s found a way to keep moving.

This is Irene’s story...

I used to work in interior design and do a lot of walking. Sitting at a desk on a computer or drawing my knees began to get quite bad.

I have grandchildren so playing with them took its toll on me, walking with them in the pushchair became incredibly painful. Kids are always on the go so keeping up with them with knee pain was always going to be difficult. My knee was in so much pain I felt like I had an extra child I had to look after, every time I went to do something I had to think about whether my knee was going to be able to cope with it or not.

I was in such bad pain with my knees. I was really struggling. I’d had to stop driving such was the pain in my knees I couldn’t use the pedals properly. I was hobbling about, not sleeping well, I was a mess. I was on crutches.

“After four days I realised I was sleeping through the night! It didn’t matter how many paracetamols I’d take I still couldn’t sleep but after four days of FlexiSEQ, I could."

My doctor sent me to be looked at by a specialist. The specialist tested my knees, I couldn’t straighten them they were so bad, they were semi-locked. He did X-rays and he said, “we’ll send you to physiotherapy to see if that can help”. But he said most likely I was going to need a knee replacement. He told me it was the only way I’d walk. I told him my mother had both her knees replaced and she couldn’t walk so I had to look after her. But he booked me in for the operation in three months.

I went into the physiotherapy, still on my crutches and they couldn’t bend the knee. Then I read a story about Brad Barritt, a Saracens Rugby Player. To be honest, had I not seen that article my life would have been hell. When I read how FlexiSEQ was helping him I thought, “well if it can help a professional rugby player then it must be able to help me.” I followed the instructions, thought this is easy enough but “give it time to work Irene”. I used it twice a day for a few days.

After four days I realised I was sleeping through the night! It didn’t matter how many paracetamols I’d take I still couldn’t sleep but after four days of FlexiSEQ, I could. I went back to physio, I just casually strolled in and the physio looked at me, astonished and said, “Irene, what have you done? Where are your crutches?” I hadn’t even thought about it, I’d forgotten them because for the first time in a long time I didn’t need them.

The physio got me up on the table and he couldn’t believe it, my knees could move as they should be able to. I showed him all the research I’d done on FlexiSEQ. All the articles I’d found, the interviews with Brad Barritt, he couldn’t believe it. Everyone in the class that day kept asking me about it, I convinced a lot of them to try it.

I went back to the specialist and told him all about FlexiSEQ. I’d done so much research into the product I was quite the expert by that stage. I told him that now I definitely didn’t need the replacement operation. I’m so proud to have never cost the NHS a knee replacement and that is thanks to FlexiSEQ. I’m a walking testimonial to the benefits of FlexiSEQ. I was told I needed a knee replacement but I’ve never had it.

Thanks to FlexiSEQ I’ve gone to Val-d'Isère to do snow walking. I love to walk wherever I go. Without FlexiSEQ I don’t know where I’d be, I suspect in a wheelchair. I use it on my hands, elbows, shoulders and lower-back as well when those joints act up a bit. I am able to run and play with my great grandchildren.

I recommend it highly to people. I was sent samples by FlexiSEQ and I gave them to anyone who told me about their joint pain. I couldn’t stop telling people about it. Paracetamol was my only pain relief until FlexiSEQ. Now I don’t need it. When you know something works it’s the first thing you reach for.

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