Testimonials - Flexiseq (Ireland)
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Real osteoarthritis patients tell of their experience with FLEXISEQ. The following testimonials are unscripted accounts that are submitted through our pharmacy endorsed testimonial scheme Real Life User Trial

I’m a hands-on coach, so I’d be up and down off my knees three or four hundred times a night in training. I’ve had operations in both knees because of arthritis, so Flexiseq made a huge difference to me. I have a hell of a lot more mobility. Rodney Dalzell, 45, Goalkeeping coach, Belfast
I find Flexiseq very good. I’ve eased off it at the minute as it’s off-season, but whenever I go back training, doing impact sessions, I start up on it again. Paul O’Hea, 29, Pharmacist and Gaelic football star, Derry
I have to say I’m very impressed with it. I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked and the relief I got from it. I have arthritis in a lot of my joints and the pain is very severe. Flexiseq has been brilliant. It’s a new lease of life for me and a light at the end of the tunnel for me and my family. Jodie Horan, 54, Mother, Dublin
It has given me a new lease of life. I can play golf again and even get the odd birdie!
I had chronic pain that prevented me from playing the piano. Now I can play to my heart’s content for as long as I want. I am thrilled I am back playing again. Elmer (Early 60s), Ireland
Reduction in pain from strong to none. I would recommend FLEXISEQ. (It had an) excellent effect, no pharmaceuticals used anymore! Christa, over 65
Used FLEXISEQ and consequently, there was a noticeable / considerable reduction in pain at the treated joint! Manfred, 57
Reduction in pain from medium to none! Stefanie, over 65
FLEXISEQ helps really well! Irene, 73
(Is) good and has helped well, (I) bought it again and use it after activities. Gerlinde, 72
After using FLEXISEQ, consequently I noticed a considerable reduction in pain. Nice feeling on the skin at summer temperatures. I would recommend FLEXISEQ! Gerlinde, 72
Reduction in pain and joint stiffness from strong to none/slight. I would recommend FLEXISEQ. Surprising effect! Fritz, over 65
After one week, (there was) excellent improvement of the knee problems. Partially without pain. For sure I will continue to use the product! Anonymous, 75
Works for (my) pain and joint stiffness! Friedrich, 54
Reduction on pain from strong to none, I would recommend FLEXISEQ! Helga, 51-65
Good reduction in pain. Gerhard, 56
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